Complete Service Solutions

Alongside our extensive product ranges, Polite can provide expert installation services

Installation Services

Polite Enterprises has built an outstanding reputation for product excellence, quality and customer service, which has enabled us to proudly supply many of Australia’s major companies, government utilities, councils, hospitals, universities and airports.

Along with providing an extensive range of quality products Polite Enterprises offers full installation services on their entire product range. All Polite’s installers understand how each product is designed and meant to work along with all the relevant standards that may influence your project.

All Polite’s installers oversea their projects from the design and measuring stage, through to excavation and final assembly.

Concreting, Cutting & Coring Services

Polite Enterprises offers its clients full installation services on the wide range of products it has to offer. Polite’s installation staff are fully trained and are supplied with the latest concrete pouring, cutting and drilling tools to meet every project’s needs. Polite understands the hassle and cost associated with hiring extra contractors and therefore eradicates the need to do so by providing its clients with a fully insured and equipped installation team.

Polite Enterprises services include:

  • Concrete pouring
  • Asphalt drilling
  • Concrete drilling
  • Core drilling (vertical & horizontal)
  • Concrete cutting

Line Marking Services

Polite Enterprises has earned a reputation as a leader in road and car parking safety solutions through a commitment to safety, quality and service delivery.

Polite Enterprises offers a full range of line marking services for warehouses, car parks, vehicle and pedestrian separation/ crossings, loading bays, hazard identification areas, subdivisions and more…

Polite Enterprises uses a Chlorinated Rubber product that is designed for quick drying, over the conventional product which takes some hours to dry.

Chlorinated rubber is hard wearing and was originally developed for long-term protection of bridges, tanks and other steel structures in coastal marine environments, and then adapted for line marking. The paint forms a high bond and is perfect for line marking on porous materials.

Our line marking service includes:

  • Longitudinal lines and transverse markings
  • Symbols and messages/ lettering
  • Skid-resistant markings
  • Thermoplastic line marking
  • Coloured messages and markings
  • Directional arrows
  • Walkways
  • Line Removal
  • Roundabouts

Polite Enterprises understands the need to minimise disruption to traffic flow; all line marking activities include traffic control as part of the service where needed. This includes the provision of all signage and traffic control personnel required.

Polite’s line marking services conform with required night and day reflectivity and with the Department of Transport levels as specified in the technical standards.

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