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RMIT University Campus Bollards

RMIT University recently contracted Polite’s Melbourne team to install bollards across the university’s Bundoora campus.

Following a spate of hostile vehicle violations, RMIT quickly realised their need for increased security to protect their staff and students against the risk of unauthorised vehicles entering the campus.

Our range of impact resistant White Knight bollards was the ideal choice for the project, providing a high level of security against a vehicle intrusion while protecting the vehicle occupants. Polite installed 22 White Knight bollards in front of the security office and across large openings within the Bundoora campus where a vehicle could potentially gain access.

Our team worked closely with RMIT to evaluate the site and make recommendations for the best solution tailored to the project’s requirements and budget. The installation was rolled out over several weeks, consisting of core drilling into existing concrete and securing the bollards into position.

Following the success of the installation, a service contract for the future is currently being considered.

RMIT University Campus Bollards

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  • White Knight Bollards

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  • Expert evaluation of client requirements
  • Professional installation

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