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Automatic bollards are quickly becoming a more secure alternative to boom gates. Designed and manufactured by Polite Enterprises Corporation (PEC), the automatic retractable bollard provides access control and complete site security unlike boom gates, which can be damaged or easily defeated.

PEC Automatic Bollards are powered by ever reliable pneumatic cylinders. The air supply, electronics and logic controls are safely housed on site in a weatherproof lockable enclosure. A built in fail safe system overrides the unit in the event of a power failure, mechanical and electronic shutdowns or
vehicle collisions.The system is reliable, durable and virtually maintenance free. All in-ground components are galvanised (hot-dipped) to prevent rust and corrosion and bollards can be supplied in either a powder coated, galvanised or stainless steel finish.

The pneumatic bollard has been designed to control access to a site with a high level of security, guaranteeing pedestrian access whilst blocking the area to road traffic.

Automatic Bollards

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White Knight Impact Resistant Bollards

The gold standard in road safety bollards

White Knight impact resistant bollards provide an enhanced level of safety for crashes involving cars travelling at 60km/hr, giving better protection for both pedestrians and vehicle occupants.

Crash tested, The White Knight is the gold standard in road safety bollards. They have been designed to withstand the kinetic energy of a crashing vehicle, decreasing the momentum and ensuring that neither the car nor the damaged bollard becomes an airborne missile. Best of all, damaged bollards can be easily replaced without requiring major civil works.