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Polite Enterprises Corporation specialises in supplying a wide range of permanent and removable safety and security bollards. PEC’s range of bollards are individually designed to suit any application and are available in a choice of materials, finishes and colours. Polite bollards are well known to assist in the ram-raid protection of shop, car parks, gardens, streets and more.

PEC’s bollards are well-recognised by architects, councils and mining companies as a quality and reliable range of products throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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PEC Bollard Range


Fixed Bollards

Polite supplies a wide range of heavy-duty, flexible and standard bollards in a variety of sizes and locking systems.


Retractable & Collapsable Bollards

Polite Enterprises are market leaders in the manufacture and installation of retractable and collapsable bollards


Removable Bollards

Removable bollards come in a range of sizes, shapes and locking mechanisms to suit your specific requirements.


Heavy Duty Bollards

PEC supplies and manufactures a wide range of heavy duty bollards including round, square, removable and in-ground.


Stainless Steel Bollards

PEC’s range of stainless steel bollards are durable, low maintenance and suit a wide range of environments.


Impact & Cut Resistant Bollards

PEC’s impact resistant bollards provide enhanced levels of safety and protection for pedestrians and vehicle occupants.


Flexible Bollards

Polite Flexi bollards are designed to flex in any direction when impacted to minimise damage to vehicles and reduce replacement costs.


Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards are quickly becoming a more secure alternative to boom
gates. Designed and manufactured by Polite Enterprises Corporation (PEC), the
automatic retractable bollard provides access control and complete site security
unlike boom gates, which can be damaged or easily defeated.


Designer and Specialty Bollards

Polite Enterprises Corporation (PEC) can design and manufacture designer and speciality bollards to suit your specific requirements.


Parking Accessories

Polite provide a range of bollard parking accessories including parking protectors, handles, chain eyes, chains etc.

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White Knight Impact Resistant Bollards

The gold standard in road safety bollards

White Knight impact resistant bollards provide an enhanced level of safety for crashes involving cars travelling at 60km/hr, giving better protection for both pedestrians and vehicle occupants.

Crash tested, The White Knight is the gold standard in road safety bollards. They have been designed to withstand the kinetic energy of a crashing vehicle, decreasing the momentum and ensuring that neither the car nor the damaged bollard becomes an airborne missile. Best of all, damaged bollards can be easily replaced without requiring major civil works.