Expansion Joint Sealing

PEC’s expansion joint sealing system is unique in that it is the only system that comprises of a primary and secondary sealing arrangement combined with a protection joint cover plate. The secondary sealing component consists of a specially modified polyurethane liquid compound which cures to form a tough, elastic waterproof membrane. Unlike adhesives, bitumen, fixed or pressure sensitive membranes, the totally homogeneous liquid polyurethane guarantees uniform thickness and total bonding to any surface with a continuous seam, free of any joints. The primary sealing compound consists of a 5mm think reinforced natural rubber sheet which is laid over the sealed joint. Whilst the sheet acts as a primary seal it also provides the unique feature of acting as a cushion between the concrete surface and the expansion joint cover. This cushion eliminates vibration and noise associated with other types of expansion joint cover plates. The expansion joint cover plate is produced from 5mm thick galvanized steel and protects the sealed joint from ultraviolet attack and physical damage caused by vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Covers and sealing compounds are designed to accommodate substantial multi-directional movement between building structures without creating tension or other stresses and can be easily removed for inspection. Expansion joint covers can also be installed over existing sealant and are widely used in multi-deck structures, car parks, roofs, ramps, driveways to name just a few applications.